I Didn't Want To Be Baptized

In my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, children are not baptized until they are at least eight years old.  The summer I turned eight, my family was relocating from Leadville, Colorado - the highest city in the United States - to near sea level in Louisiana.  This disrupted life’s routine.  Events that would lead to my baptism were delayed.  I remember being quite happy about this, since I did not want to be baptized.  I don't remember what reason I had for not wanting to be baptized, but I distinctly remember I did not want to be.  We moved again in the fall from a t

“New Mormon History” and Invigorating Faith

When I was in graduate school, a few friends and I would get together and read various articles on Church History. Since I had really enjoyed Church History, this was of interest to me. We read articles from various academic publications. I was familiar with most of these publications, having taken a course from a Professor at Ricks College who assigned reading from them in a church history course. During this course there were some articles that challenged my previous perceptions of church history.

Developing Christlike Attributes - Writing in a Journal

From a speech delivered in the Cedar Hollow 4th congregation, Lehi, UT, Dec. 2013. I was asked to speak on developing Christlike attributes. This was the result. They are notes meant to speak from, so they are not necessarily great reading flow - yet.

Developing Christlike Attributes.

DC98:11 And I give unto you a commandment, that ye shall forsake all evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.

Highlights of 2012

Our two oldest children now attend the University of Utah. We hadn't been to Utah for the holidays for many years so we began 2012 there with them.

Brad Porter's Website Intro

When I was in graduate school, a colleague somewhat discouraged me from trying to install the operating system linux at home. "It's a hobby," he said, indicating that I should expect to spend a lot of time at it. He was successful at discouraging me for quite a while, but the lure was too great. I was a broke graduate student, happy to save a little money, and I was becoming more familiar with unix and was getting comfortable with it. The only problem was that I tried to save too much money, and tried to install it on my 386 with 4 Mbytes of RAM.

History of the World

Countless textbooks have been written on the History of the World. Thousands of scholars have dedicated their lives to researching its various details. Volumes continue to be written to catalogue as many details as possible. It is interesting to learn details of other people, their customs, religion, and way of life. The scriptures are a summary of the religious side of the history of the world - and for the most part, a spiritual history of descendants of Abraham.