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“New Mormon History” and Invigorating Faith

When I was in graduate school, a few friends and I would get together and read various articles on Church History. Since I had really enjoyed Church History, this was of interest to me. We read articles from various academic publications. I was familiar with most of these publications, having taken a course from a Professor at Ricks College who assigned reading from them in a church history course. During this course there were some articles that challenged my previous perceptions of church history.

Waves, Fields, and Antennas

Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho, 1989. The course was Physics - electricity and magnetism. The professor was Richard Graham. The text, still on my shelf within my view, "Physics", by Hans C. Ohanian. The binding has come off, and the text is in two pieces. Most students took the course because it was on the required list, and vowed never to do anything with it again. For me it gave inspiration for my career. Maxwell's equations fascinated me.

Highlights of 2012

Our two oldest children now attend the University of Utah. We hadn't been to Utah for the holidays for many years so we began 2012 there with them.

Brad Porter's Website Intro

When I was in graduate school, a colleague somewhat discouraged me from trying to install the operating system linux at home. "It's a hobby," he said, indicating that I should expect to spend a lot of time at it. He was successful at discouraging me for quite a while, but the lure was too great. I was a broke graduate student, happy to save a little money, and I was becoming more familiar with unix and was getting comfortable with it. The only problem was that I tried to save too much money, and tried to install it on my 386 with 4 Mbytes of RAM.


When I was 25 I swore off chocolate. I thought is was making me sick. No hot chocolate, no chocolate ice cream, no chocolate candy. After some months, I would give this up and eat it again. I love chocolate.  Years later, I was surprised to learn that the cocoa bean is one of the most potent anti-oxidants on the planet. The bean must not be processed with alkali - otherwise known as dutch processing - which is done to change the flavor and preferred by some bakers, but shunned by many gourmet companies.