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Highlights of 2012

Our two oldest children now attend the University of Utah. We hadn't been to Utah for the holidays for many years so we began 2012 there with them.

Natalie and Brad spent most of the weekends for the first three months of the year preparing for a theatrical "The Savior of the World". The cast was taken from a number of local congregations of our church. Natalie was Mary's cousin, and Brad was a Shepherd in Act 1 and Peter in Act 2. Natalie loves this kind of thing and has been in a number of plays. It was Brad's first experience with anything much more than a gong show. We both really enjoyed it.

Natalie completed her studies with her piano teacher of 11 years. Her final recital in June was a highlight of her year and ours.

We spent three weeks at the beginning of the summer in Utah again visiting the busy young adults in the family. Brad could get used to this - they work and he plays. Fortunately, they were able to take some time off work for a trip to southern Utah where they hiked into the Grand Canyon at the North Rim, toured Zion's National Park, and briefly visited Bryce Canyon. They also visited the "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary" in Kanab, UT - where Jenn and Natalie breathed in the animals while Brad and Seth mused over the brilliance of the society in getting people to donate their fortunes so they can do what they love to do in the great outdoors. (That's not criticism, it's more like envy).

Brad came home from vacation only to discover that poison ivy plants can become very large vines that grow into the tops of trees, and that such vines are not just found in the forest, but sometimes in your front yard. It was a very unpleasant 3 weeks after that, and he acquired a large collection of files on treating it.

Jenn picked a major, built an amazing tear drop trailer, bought a car, drove a car, had a car towed to a wrecking yard for permanent storage in Price, Utah, and saved up for another car.

Seth switched his major, turned a co-op into regular part time work doing what he loves to do - iphone programming, and also bought a car.

Staci continues to paint and do genealogy. The three of us in Massachusetts bicycle the Concord - Bedford - Lexington trail for exercise and recreation.

Brad spent much of his free time during the last quarter of this year learning web content management systems, of which this weblog that you are now reading is a part of. Although the site may not seem very impressive for three months of work, there is a lot going on behind the front view. After receiving the many Christmas cards and emails this year, which we appreciate so much, Brad realized he could manage a late one here.



Brad Porter commented on Wed, 01/02/2013 - 02:50

Happy New Year!

Janet Porter commented on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 08:43

I just discovered this e-mail buried in my inbox--haven't had time to clean things out since Christmas. What a wonderful way to share, and I think a more reasonable way than what usually goes into Christmas cards. Next time share it in the family newsletter or give me permission to do so. Having been in on Jenn's search for a new car, we can laugh at the old car woes. Love you all.