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May 4, 2016

Most Excellent Scrub Brushes

Velma Dickson and Ruth Stacey are best friends. When they go together on a school bus trip to Salt Lake City, they have only $1 each to spend. As their friends buy fine clothing and gifts, Velma and Ruth make a unique purchase; then hide it under the bench on the bus so no one else finds out what they spent their money on.

Ellen Stacey's Dilemma

Ellen Stacey, as the result of a relationship with Joseph Bamford, had three children. She has been baptized into the Mormon Church, but Joseph is not interested in either the church or in taking on the responsibility of a family. Ellen has to make a decision about whether to wait for Joseph to change his mind or to come to America and live in Zion.

Drucilla's Decision

After being members of the LDS Church for 14 years, with 12 children, Elias and Eliza Aston became discouraged about ever having the resources to come to America. When they learned their daughter Drucilla was pregnant, Elias brought her to America to live with the saints in Zion. On the ship she met a man who was kind and gentlemanly enough to take her as a wife and the child as his own. It was our own John Stacey.

Christina Spowart's Letters

Thomas and Catherine Spowart of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and were baptized in 1847. After 25 years they were able to come to America, and moved to Almy, Wyoming. Their daughter Christina, deprived of an education in Scotland, gave up more for her testimony of the truth than anyone knew.

Sanford Porter and the Shooting Stars

By the fall of 1833 the saints near Independence, Missouri were ordered by mobs to leave or be killed. The Saints were driven from their homes or burned out. Sanford and Nancy Porter made their way to the Missouri River, only to find they were trapped between the river and a mob. Their rescue is one of the great stories of early Mormon history.

Sanford Porter and the Mormon Elders

After searching for decades to find answers to his questions, Sanford Porter has a meeting with the Mormon Elders. He is so anxious to learn the truth he begs them to continue until they're so exhausted they can't say another word.

Sanford Porter and the Golden Rule

Sanford Porter has bought land in Illinois and has made a good living there. His neighbor Morris Phelps runs an inn and charges so much the Porters think he is unfair. Their conflict is over Phelps' Silver Rule and Sanford's Golden Rule.

Sanford Porter and the Angel

Sanford Porter has endured years of suffering because he is not able to find the true church as revealed in scriptures. In his agony, he begins a period of fasting and prayer which result in an amazing vision in which he learns the truth.

Midwinter Journey

Sanford Porter recently was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When a Mormon missionary comes through Illinois to inform the saints they should move to Independence, Missouri to build Zion, Sanford and Nancy don't even wait for the snow to melt.

Coal Miners and Missionaries

Cynthia Porter, daughter of Chauncey Warriner Porter meets Evan Jones, a coal miner who recently emigrated from Wales. When she learns his amazing story of conversion, miracles and healing, she discerns his true nature and faith, and falls in love.