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May 5, 2016

The Family: God's Gift to Us

The real power of family is how it fits into God's great Plan of Salvation. A gift reserved only for those who came to earth, our family gives us identity, fellowship and sometimes pain; yet it will bless us through eternity in ways we never considered. The family really is God's Gift to Us which just keeps giving.

William Wall, Stonecutter from Horsley

William Wall has heard voices in the quarry, and knows God has a plan for him. As he listens to the Gospel being preached, he knows he must be baptized, but when he and his wife Sarah become members of the new church, friends and relatives alike turn on them. His Uncle William cuts him off from his inheritance, but William and Sarah never look back. They know they have done the right thing.

The Walls Come Home

William and Sarah Wall sent their six oldest children to America ahead of them. In 1863 they finally make it to Utah with their younger children. Joining the others in Sevier County, they had to leave almost immediately because of an Indian uprising. After living with children for several years, they return to Glenwood, Sevier, Utah and William helps his son Joseph build the pioneer mill.

Joseph and Sarah Emily Wall, Willie Handcart Company

William and Sarah Wall realize they'll never have enough money to get all 9 of their children to America before time for marriage. In 1856 they sent their two oldest children, Joseph and Emily with other saints. Before they were to leave, Orson Hyde gave them a blessing and promised they would be safe. That blessing became the decision-maker when Emily was asked to leave Joseph behind as winter snows threatened the whole Willie Handcart Company.

Lost in the Desert

Sheldon Stoddard is young and impetuous. He and a group of friends decide to go to California to the gold fields. They tag along with a company being led by Jefferson Hunt, but become annoyed as they travel hundreds of miles south to avoid the fate of the Donner Party only three years previously. However, when Sheldon and his friends follow a hunch and depart from the main group, they learn the lesson of a lifetime.

Old Joe Neville

Joe Neville is about the oldest man in town. He wants to buy a car, in spite of his fear of fast-moving vehicles. The fun townsfolk have as he learns to tolerate and finally drive cars makes for an interesting story.

William Stiff's Challenge

William and Rachel Stiff are in their 60's when they come to America. The train goes as far as Laramie, but they are anxious to join the Mormon company leaving in a few days. William has his tools with him, and searches the wild town for materials from which to construct a handcart for his family's goods. The cart he builds proves to be the best handcart ever constructed, and still survives.