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How Does “Press This” Work With WordPress? |

How Does “Press This” Work With WordPress?

By Ben Lingenfelter, eHow Contributor , last updated April 17, 2012

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Press This makes posting in WordPress faster.

“Press This” is a bookmarklet tool that WordPress helps you insert into your browser so that you can quickly grab text, images and other web content and easily turn it into a WordPress blog post. This allows bloggers to effortlessly create new content without having to log into their WordPress Dashboard, letting them continue to read and surf for new content.

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Adding the Bookmarklet

To create the “Press This” bookmarklet, log into your WordPress dashboard and click the “Tools” menu. You should immediately see the “Press This” description and “Press This” link beneath. Click and drag the link to your bookmarks bar or right click and add it to your bookmarks or favorites menu. Once the bookmarklet is added, change its name to whatever you want.

Creating a New Post

Using the Press This bookmarklet is extremely simple. While navigating, drag over text and/or images on a web page. Click the bookmarklet and a popup WordPress text editor will appear, containing the selected text and/or image(s). You can publish immediately, edit some of the post or save it as a draft for later editing.

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Browsers Supported by Press This

All modern browsers support the “Press This” bookmarklet. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome all work seamlessly with the tool. All these browsers support the javascript necessary for the tool to operate, so unless your preferred browser rejects java, you should be able to use “Press This” on any.

Other WordPress Posting Tools

Press This Reloaded is another WordPress tool that allows bloggers enhance functionality. It provides all the normal WordPress text editor tools instead of the limited tools provided by the default Press This tool. You can also email directly to your blog by creating a dedicated email address for the blog in the “Writing” panel of the dashboard. iPhone and Android users can post from their SMART phones using the “Share This” tool.

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